Engagement Rings

For the last year I have been involved in a long distance relationship. They are not supposed to work out, I know, but mine ends in the best possible way. That is to say, it ended with me getting a diamond engagement ring. If you are out there browsing the Birmingham Jewellery quarter and looking for engagement rings, let me share with you how my fiancé proposed to me so you can get some ideas. It is not an easy thing because you want it to be memorable, unique, and of course special. It takes time and planning and a touch of romance. So here is my story diamond engagement rings .

The wait for my the right one
We met in the United States, but I was there on a student visa and had to go back home when it expired. We talked about what to do after that, like whether or not we should break up, or to just see how it goes for a while, or to try and find a way to move together in the future. We left it somewhere in the middle and agreed to stay in contact every day and act as if we were still together. Time passed and instead of drifting apart, we found that the distance truly did make the heart grow fonder. We started talking about which diamond engagement rings I like and which weddings rings we both like, but I was not sure how serious this discussion was diamond engagement ring .

Finally got it
One weekend he told me that he was going to be out of touch because he was going on a camping trip, which seemed credible because there is no phone service in the forest. The next day I was expecting him to get in touch and he was not and I started to get nervous. My sister saw that I was getting annoyed and offered to take me to a coffee shop to just get out of the house. I ordered a drink and tried to pay and the waitress said that it was already taken care of by a gentleman at the bar. I turned around to see who it was and it was him, my boyfriend. It was like seeing a ghost. Even more surprising, he had a diamond ring in his hand and was asking me to marry him. It was the greatest, happiest surprise of my life diamond wedding rings .

Benefits from high quality
If you find yourself in the position where you are looking for diamond rings and diamond wedding rings, it is time to start planning your own engagement surprise. You may not be able to pull an international trip and surprise proposal like he did, but make sure that whatever you come up with it counts. When it comes to finding the ring, I recommend platinum engagement rings. I say this because platinum is the most durable metal and will resist scratches throughout its lifetime. It will not fade, tarnish, or lose its luster like gold or silver. It costs a little more, that is true, but in terms of longevity, I think it is worth the extra expense engagement rings .